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Apricot Yuzu Roll On Perfume in Coconut Oil


Apricot Yuzu Roll On Perfume in Coconut Oil


Our New Perfume roll-ons are great to keep in your purse or even pocket! The attractive slim line glass bottle holds 10ml of concentrated fragrance for a fresh burst of scent anytime!

Each Perfume roll on is boxed, as shown.

Our Apricot Yuzu scent is fresh juicy apricots at the peak of ripeness blended with fresh citrusy Japanese grapefruit. A fresh, uplifting and clean citrus and fruit blend!

Available in a Sugar Scrubs and Body Cream:

Apricot Yuzu Sugar Scrub
Apricot Yuzu Body Cream

Always SLS, Paraben, Petroleum, Alcohol and Propylene Glycol Free! Cruelty free and Vegan Friendly!

Perfume Ingredients: Caprylic/Capric Triglyceridesof Coconut Oil, Fragrance and essential oils.

Avoid eye area and broken skin.

Country of origin: Handmade in San Diego, CA USA

Product Fill Volume: 10 ml

Skin Type: all

95% natural 


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