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Thank you for your interest in our private label and custom formulation services! Please read through our policies and tell us about your needs by submitting the form below.

In order to protect our brand we do not offer our current line for private label for retail sales. See our Customers may order private label from our pre-formulated catalog. Minimum private label order is $750 with a $350 rebuy, with a per piece minimum of 24 per scent/product.

Eligibility: Naiad Soap Arts LLC is a wholesale company and by ordering you certify that you are a business recognized at the federal and state level to make tax-exempt purchases for the purpose of resale. If you are in the state of California you must provide a resale permit number. All other businesses are required to provide a Federal Tax ID number.

Payment: A 50% deposit is due upon receipt of invoice before manufacturing begins, and remaining payment is due when the order ships. We accept business checks, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, and bank transfers.

Shipping: Orders are shipped via US Postal Service or FedEx Ground. All orders are shipped from San Diego, CA. Most minimum orders ship withing 2 weeks but please allow up to 4-6 weeks for larger orders or custom formulation orders to ship. We will give you a ship date window when you place your order. You may pick up your order at our office located at 10459 Roselle Street, Suite E, San Diego, CA 92121. Call 619-354-0382 or email for an appointment.

Returns and Refunds: We do not accept returns on private label or custom formulation orders. In the event product arrives damaged please let us know within 72 hours of receiving the order and we will make arrangements to have the damaged product shipped back to us for an exchange, or refund. We only grant refunds on the damaged inventory in a private label or custom formulation order.

Packaging/Labeling: We sell all of our line in current packaging. If you have other packaging needs, those containers must be provided by the customer. We do not offer label design or printing services at this time. Customer must provide all container labeling and have it shipped to us before manufacturing begins. We will provide all necessary label information when an order is finalized. Unless agreed to in writing, all products must be labeled by Naiad Soap Arts LLC prior to shipping with the exception of bar soaps.

Custom Formulation: We are happy to work on a custom formulation for you, or you may choose a formulation from our existing catalog.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you!

Erin Pikor – CEO

Contact us at or 619-354-0382

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