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We're Going Greener!

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We're Going Greener!

Erin Pikor

Single-use plastic is being banned everywhere and I’m thrilled about it! You might be hearing about plastics invading all corners of the earth from the Pyrenees mountains to Antarctica. The EU recently banned Single-use plastics, California has banned plastic bags statewide, as well as Hawai’i and is leading the way on plastic straw regulations, and other states are watching.

our  artisan soaps  come in an eco-friendly, re-usable muslin bag!

our artisan soaps come in an eco-friendly, re-usable muslin bag!

I’ve always been a nature lover and I try to made eco-friendly a priority when making buying decisions. Being a bath and body product based business we use a lot of plastic but our goal is to get plastic out of the equation wherever possible. I do believe an eco-friendly product should be housed in eco-friendly packaging. That isn’t always the reality for body products because no ones wants broken glass in the shower! 

In May, I met with Cindy Lin, Former US EPA Southwest Regional Coordinator, and Co-Founder and CEO of Hove Social Good Intelligence, Inc. She had a wealth of information but nothing that fit within my budget at the moment. I learned a lot about sustainable packaging though, and have all of the information I need once it’s possible to make sweeping packaging changes! I decided that to start within my budget I would tackle the unsustainable shipping supplies first. Here are all of the transitions we’re making:

Biodegradable packing peanuts vs. styrofoam

  • Made from renewable starch like corn

  • Biodegradable. It literally “shrinky dinks” in water and can be thrown in the compost pile so it won’t clog landfills or the bellies of sea creatures.

  • People and pet safe just in case you accidentally ingest one. If they were orange they’d look just like Cheesy Poofs!

  • Anti-static so they won’t stick to everything.

Biodegradable Packing Tape vs traditional self stick packing tape.

  • Renewable and Biodegradable. The cellulose and natural rubber adhesive are plant based.

Corrugated Cushion and mailers vs Bubble wrap and bubble mailers

  • Made from biodegradable paper.

  • Usually made from part or all recycled paper so renewable plus plant some more trees.

Do you have any ideas to help us go more Green? Comment below!

our first plastic free shipment!

our first plastic free shipment!