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"Hi Babe, have a great Tuesday" -  Kindness Every Day

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"Hi Babe, have a great Tuesday" - Kindness Every Day

Erin Pikor


My Man and I have been writing sweet notes to each other every day since August 7th, 2018. It was a week maybe after we moved in together and he put up a dry erase calendar in the kitchen. The first day he wrote, “Hi Babe Have a great Tuesday”.


He wrote most of the daily notes for at least the first few months and if a day passed when I didn’t see a note, I filled in. I started internalizing something you hear about all of the time -  it feels nice to take a moment to leave a message of love and kindness for someone you care about. Some days are hard. Some days you are angry at each other or so self consumed by your own shitty day that you don’t want to think about making time for someone else. Those are the days the habit is most impactful.

This ritual of kindness has made me a better person - a happier person, with a reserve of positivity! I now have enough to share. I try and thank the people around me each day in hopes that they can have an excess to share as well. If nothing else, I usually get a smile.

I think that being kind to one another is the first step to understanding one another and eventually to accepting one another. I want to encourage kindness and love so I created these cards that I’m handing out wherever I go and including with every order!  You can leave for someone who needs it, including yourself! Hand one to the person checking you out at the grocery store, or the person handing you a late night burrito, or the bartender who served you a drink earlier that night. Give it to you mailman or hairdresser. Leave it in the refrigerator next to leftovers for that loved one who had to work late, or put it in your kid’s lunchbox. Leave it out for yourself the night before a day that you know is going to be hard, or, give it to someone who really pissed you off.

I hope these cards bring a little joy, help to look at things from a different perspective, and add some kindness to the world.

Hugs, -erin