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10459 Roselle Street, Suite E
San Diego, CA, 92121
United States

(619) 354-0383


Hello, My name is Erin, long time sufferer of sensitive skin and acne and I'm the owner over here at Naiad Soap Arts™! I had been making my own skincare and soaps for years and after being laid off from my job as a graphic designer, I decided to take the business full time! As the business grows I am dedicated to small batch, handmade products that pamper my troubled skin type. I am not looking to be a soap factory. I love the intimacy of making a batch of soap, whipping up a pot of sugar scrubs or meticulously hand pouring lip balms into their cute little containers. I know exactly what goes into my products, I use my products every day, and am proud and honored to have a loyal customer base that loves the products as much as I do!

At Naiad Soap Arts™  we specialize in unique bath and body products in a variety of fun designs and custom blended fragrances that you won't find any where else! Our whipped Sugar soap is a favorite!

Located in sunny San Diego, CA since 2006! Over the years we have grown the business steadily to accommodate more retailers and higher volume while still maintaining close personal relationships with the small retailers who helped us get to where we are today! In 2013 we are proud to say started shipping out our first pallet size orders!

So what is a “naiad”? In Greek mythology a Naiad is a nymph who lived in and presided over brooks, springs, and fountains.


what is a Naiad?

A Naiad is a beautiful, playful, mischievous nymph from Greek mythology, who presides and protects brooks, springs, lakes, and all other sources of fresh water.

At Naiad Soap Arts we believe that water is precious, our bodies are sacred, and we must protect the water that sustains us. Thats why all of our products are earth friendly and good for your skin. We use non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients that won't harm you or the earth. 

We specialize in bar soaps, sugar scrubs and body creams in a variety of custom blended fragrances that evoke fond memories.

The ultimate goal is to keep evolving our products as newer and more sustainable ingredients and packaging become available, and to contribute to water conservation charities in addition to our donations made to shower programs and women shelters in the Southern California area.

Located in San Diego, CA since 2006! 

Hi, I'm Erin - you can find me all over the web, or at the beach!